Raise a Glass to Life's Unforgettable Moments

Nestled in the scenic Atlas Peak Mountains of Napa Valley, our 26-acre estate offers a haven from the ordinary Napa experience. Sommras Wine invites you to indulge in world-class wines, savor Michelin-star-level cuisine, and relish unparalleled access to our estate, complete with two pristine natural spring fed lakes.

Available only through referral, our members have the opportunity to customize their wine experiences to align with their Napa dreams. Founded by wine experience visionary Geetesh Goyal, Sommras is at the forefront of bringing Napa into the 21st century. It serves as both a destination for the global elite to savor the best of Napa and a vibrant community-driven social platform where members can convene, network, and synergize.

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