Raise a Glass to Life's Unforgettable Moments

In the heart of Napa Valley, vines swaying in rhythm with the whispers of the breeze, a bitter sip of disappointment left Geetesh Goyal looking for more, as he heard:

“No, I am sorry but I am actually going to have to ask you to leave.”

He had just invested a small fortune in a wine membership that boasted some of the finest vintage wines in the region, but upon daring to request a taste, he was refused. Another party’s impending arrival meant his time was up, and suddenly, the irony was palpable: Geetesh was now a part of their “wine family” but it seemed this family had little time for him.

This was not the Napa of Geetesh’s dreams – but it could be – and he set out to craft what would become the pinnacle of VIP experiences, a place where guests were not just known to some but cherished by all. That dream took root in the fertile soil of Sommras, blossoming into a members-only sanctuary that stands as an oasis of exclusivity amidst the clammer of the masses to offer:

  • World-class wines made from the best grapes in the world.
  • Exceptional wine tasting experiences nestled amid Atlas Peak vines.
  • Marvelous fine dining experiences, with pairings of food & wine.
  • Exclusive on-property, custom-fit experiences.

At Sommras, the true VIP experience is not merely desired, it is deserved, and we welcome you with the same passion and dedication that birthed this beautiful sanctuary.

The Sommras vineyard is nestled in the Atlas Peak Appellation and is the only vineyard in Napa with two private natural spring lakes 30 feet deep and size of the football field.

Atlas Peak AVA is renowned for its high-elevation vineyards producing bold and complex Cabernet Sauvignon wines with a distinctive mountain influence.

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